Josh Brade


Streamlining Windows Image Preparation

Streamlining Windows Image Preparation with the Power of PowerShell: An In-depth Look at the Remarkable Windows10Debloater Script In the ever-evolving realm of IT, efficiency and precision are paramount, especially when it comes to preparing Windows machine images. Enter the Windows10Debloater script by Sycnex, a powerhouse tool that transforms the image preparation process into a streamlined… Continue reading Streamlining Windows Image Preparation

Rejoin to Azure Domain Command

When you’re dealing with an Azure Domain and you end up needing to rejoin a computer to the domain, things can get a bit tricky, especially if you’ve renamed the PC after it joined the domain. Here’s the deal: sometimes, even after you’ve changed the computer name, the old one still shows up when you… Continue reading Rejoin to Azure Domain Command

UNC Path – Still Asking for credentials

I have been working on a project with GED machines at work, and wanted to share my hair-pulling story. Specifically, the machines that students utilize require a mapped drive for establishing a connection to the proctor/administrative machine in the setup. During this process, I encountered an unexpected complication. Despite successfully mapping the drive and ensuring… Continue reading UNC Path – Still Asking for credentials

Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI) – By Chris Titus This Windows utility seems pretty handy from the testing I have done with it. Go check out Chris’ Website, he has some pretty cool stuff going on Here is the GitHub: You can run this Utility Software straight from an Admin PowerShell using:  irm… Continue reading Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

Install Windows 11 Without a Microsoft Account (Local Account)

There are a few different ways to create a local account while installing Windows 11 and I will explain a few (for large enterprise environments you should be using Windows Autopilot). The reason you would want to do this is you don’t want to connect your computer to a Microsoft Account. I personally don’t like… Continue reading Install Windows 11 Without a Microsoft Account (Local Account)

Mapping Sysinternals to a Drive in Windows

Getting access to Sysinternals quickly can be handy in any Windows environment. You can add Sysinternals as a mapped drive in Windows by using this command at the Command Prompt (replace the drive letter “W:” with the drive letter of your choosing): > net use W: