Josh Brade


Adobe Acrobat Is Scanning Your Documents

The generative AI features in Adobe Acrobat are scanning your documents! This could possible lead to sensitive data leakage. You can turn this feature off through the windows registry. “Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\DC\FeatureLockDown create a new dword key under feature lockdown, bEnableGentech 1 will enable the feature, 0 will disable the feature and remove all… Continue reading Adobe Acrobat Is Scanning Your Documents

Streamlining Windows Image Preparation

Streamlining Windows Image Preparation with the Power of PowerShell: An In-depth Look at the Remarkable Windows10Debloater Script In the ever-evolving realm of IT, efficiency and precision are paramount, especially when it comes to preparing Windows machine images. Enter the Windows10Debloater script by Sycnex, a powerhouse tool that transforms the image preparation process into a streamlined… Continue reading Streamlining Windows Image Preparation

Rejoin to Azure Domain Command

When you’re dealing with an Azure Domain and you end up needing to rejoin a computer to the domain, things can get a bit tricky, especially if you’ve renamed the PC after it joined the domain. Here’s the deal: sometimes, even after you’ve changed the computer name, the old one still shows up when you… Continue reading Rejoin to Azure Domain Command

UNC Path – Still Asking for credentials

I have been working on a project with GED machines at work, and wanted to share my hair-pulling story. Specifically, the machines that students utilize require a mapped drive for establishing a connection to the proctor/administrative machine in the setup. During this process, I encountered an unexpected complication. Despite successfully mapping the drive and ensuring… Continue reading UNC Path – Still Asking for credentials

Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI) – By Chris Titus This Windows utility seems pretty handy from the testing I have done with it. Go check out Chris’ Website, he has some pretty cool stuff going on Here is the GitHub: You can run this Utility Software straight from an Admin PowerShell using:  irm… Continue reading Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

RustDesk – Open Source Remote Desktop

RustDesk is an open source remote desktop software that functions like TeamViewer. You can use it as host-to-client, web-to-client or you can deploy your own open source server instance providing better network and higher security. You can use it on any Operating System as far as I can tell.