Josh Brade


Cybersecurity Link Collection

I’ve put together a collection of Cybersecurity web links that I’ve gathered over the years, featuring tools, resources, news, tutorials, and more. I’m always adding new links, so the list keeps growing. Some of the links are still unsorted, but I think you’ll find plenty of useful information here. Take a look and see if… Continue reading Cybersecurity Link Collection

Adobe Acrobat Is Scanning Your Documents

The generative AI features in Adobe Acrobat are scanning your documents! This could possible lead to sensitive data leakage. You can turn this feature off through the windows registry. “Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\DC\FeatureLockDown create a new dword key under feature lockdown, bEnableGentech 1 will enable the feature, 0 will disable the feature and remove all… Continue reading Adobe Acrobat Is Scanning Your Documents

Starting a Journey through Cybersecurity: A Roadmap

Embark on your cybersecurity journey with this well-rounded curriculum. These courses and learning paths equip you with fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills essential in the cybersecurity landscape. By completing these certifications, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a capable and well-rounded cybersecurity professional. Remember, continuous learning and practical application are key in this… Continue reading Starting a Journey through Cybersecurity: A Roadmap

Two Free Cybersecurity Training Platforms

Empowering Cybersecurity Enthusiasts In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, knowledge and skills are the armor that shields against digital threats. SecurityBlue Team and AntiSyphon Training, both dedicated to bolstering cyber defense proficiency, offer an invaluable opportunity to harness expertise in this critical field. Let’s dive into a comprehensive exploration of these two remarkable platforms that… Continue reading Two Free Cybersecurity Training Platforms

Privacy Forward Operating Systems

Imagine you’re someone who wants to use the internet without others being able to easily see what you’re doing online. You also want to keep your personal information safe from hackers and prying eyes. That’s where operating systems like Tails and Whonix come in. Tails: Tails is like a special tool you can use when… Continue reading Privacy Forward Operating Systems