Josh Brade


Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI) – By Chris Titus This Windows utility seems pretty handy from the testing I have done with it. Go check out Chris’ Website, he has some pretty cool stuff going on Here is the GitHub: You can run this Utility Software straight from an Admin PowerShell using:  irm… Continue reading Windows Utility (PowerShell GUI)

Mapping Sysinternals to a Drive in Windows

Getting access to Sysinternals quickly can be handy in any Windows environment. You can add Sysinternals as a mapped drive in Windows by using this command at the Command Prompt (replace the drive letter “W:” with the drive letter of your choosing): > net use W:

Moving ESXI (6.5) Virtual Machines to Proxmox

Steps to achieve migration (TL;DR) Export Existing VM’s from ESXI (6.5) Login to ESXI Go to Virtual Machines on the left Find your VM you are exporting Right click the VM select Power > Power Off Right click on the VM again and select Export Select Export on the Export screen that pops up This will… Continue reading Moving ESXI (6.5) Virtual Machines to Proxmox